Pallet Wrap Machine PWM-1500

pwm1500The key difference between PWM-1500 and other film wrapping machines is that PWM-1500 is not equipped with a motor moving a stretch film roll in a vertical direction, so the vertical moving of film roll is done by an operator. According to operational safety procedures, when operating an automatic wrapping machine with a motor moving the film roll with pre-stretcher, the operator should not leave the machine in working condition. In PWM-1500 the roll is driven by movable bearings and weights, enabling the operator to easily move the roll vertically with one hand. The control panel for starting the rotation of the turntable with a pallet is located next to the roll moving handle, providing safety during PWM-1500 operation.

During development of the PWM-1500 we considered not only European, but also Finnish standard pallets size of 1000 х 1200 mm. That’s why the turntable is lifted up for 2 cm.
Another special feature of the PWM-1500 is the maximum wrapping height of 2350 mm. This enables automated wrapping of specialized loads over 2 meters high. 

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Pallet Wrap Machine PWM-1500 Standard Features:
• 1500 mm turntable
• 2350 mm wrapping height
• Adjustable tension
• Soft start and stop
• Machine can be paused during cycle

Pallet Wrap Machine PWM-1500 Safety Features:
• Conforms to current HSE legislations
• Emergency quick stop button
• Motor protection cover

Pallet Wrap Machine PWM-1500 Options:
• Loading weight 1000 / 1200 / 1500 kg
• Ramp for hand pallet truck
• Zero position of turntable
• Fitting for fork lift or pallet jack
• Different RAL colors upon request

Pallet wrapping machine PWM-1500 specification:

MODEL PWM-1500/1 PWM-1500/1.2 PWM-1500/1.5
Max. loading weight 1000 kg 1200 kg 1500 kg
Max. turntable speed 10 rpm
Turntable diameter 150 см
Max. wrapping height 2350 мм
Film roll size 450, 500 мм
Power 0,55 kW
Power supply 220 V, 50 Hz
Weight 370 kg 372 kg 374 kg
Machine weight incl. packing 392 kg 394 kg 398 kg
Dimensions 215 x 150 x 217 см


Now you could view video of the PWM-1500 pallet wrapper:

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